"For I was sick and you cared for me, I was in prison and you visited me."  Matthew 25:36 



The idea for New Life Ministry (NLM) and its outreach mission came from Father St Onge, a former pastor of the Church of Christ the King, Old Lyme, who was deeply troubled by the hopelessness of ex-offenders struggling to break in this cycle.   He envisioned a ministry that would supply a break the cycle and imprisonment.  He imagined a ministry that would supply a safety net of financial, psychological and spiritual support to help these men and women turn their lives around and NLM was started by some parishioners.  In 1998, the prison chaplain at York Correctional Institution requested that NLM assist in resettlement.

In 2001 when NLM rented its first apartment to serve as transitional housing, we decided to work solely with women.  The primary goal of NLM is to help recently released female inmates to function independently and successfully in the community by offering to them the support needed to establish a crime free life for themselves and for their families. Today NLM works solely with York out-placement counselors and chaplains who recommend potential clients for its consideration.  Two, two bedroom apartments are available to clients for up to four months. During this period volunteer Mentors, working in conjunction with State and local agencies help them to sort out the social service programs, purchase clothing, obtain licenses and IDís and find employment.  The women are subject to random testing for substance abuse as long as they are on probation. As of 2017, over 200 women have participated in the NLM program.  Over 80 percent of those served have successfully integrated into the community.


 Ann and Lisa at Lisa's job